Don't Rock The Boat, Sink The F​*​cker

by Des Ark

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released 01 April 2011

songs 1, 2, 6, 8 recorded by jonathan fuller at black iris studios, richmond VA. songs 3,4,5,7 recorded by kurt ballou at god city studio, salem MA, with additional tracks recorded by jonathan fuller at black iris. produced & mixed by aimée argote & jonathan fuller.



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Track Name: My Saddle Is Waitin' (C'mon Jump On It)
i wanna die with a halo on my head for all my friends, i need to find a place to lay low where i can learn to be good to them. i wanna saddle up at sunrise after the death of a dusty night, in a cabin in the carolines where ain’t nobody gonna find me. oh to be perfect for the ones we love, i gave it a shot but i am not and i never was...if i keep dragging all of these anchors across my scars, i ain’t never gonna heal at all. you know you died with a halo on yr head for all yr friends, if you had asked they would’ve said so: that you had learned to be good to them. i know i’m dying alone, i know that my drinking makes this hospice feel like a home. & i know i’m using drugs every morning when i wake up to quiet the symphonies of lovers who will sing so sweetly to me, they will sing sunshine oh this is what they said i’d love to keep on loving you my dear, but yr already dead
Track Name: Girls Get Ruff
let’s be swingers let’s be brothers let’s be lovers undercover at the bar tonight. buying drinks for one another as we fall on top each other in the back, under the light. you look beautiful in red with yr hair piled heavy in a halo on yr head. oh no you don’t need to say it oh it's obvious that you are one of us: girls who get drunk as the best way we know how to open up. i will take him home, we’ll start making out before we make it to the front door. wait for it & i swear that it will yr flashing back to the days when you were younger. woods behind my house, who’s that man covering up my mouth. here i go again, dragging my only friend by her every limb, straight into a warzone i know we cannot win. here i go again, blaming the whole wicked world on them, on every man i've ever met, am afraid to fall in love with. when will you understand--as embarrassed as i am--when i look at the body of a man what i see is a stockpiling of weaponry.
Track Name: Bonne Chance Asshole
this town, it's a dirty dirty town, makes the back of my knees sweat pulls the drawl out of my mouth. why you wanna leave for so long? just promise me before you go, we will grab our bikes & ride tobacco road. we are lonely when we wake up, we are idling at best, at night we drug ourselves to sleep & dream of all the things we would miss, had we the good sense to leave this town, but we don’t. in case we change our minds, we oughta grab our bikes & ride tobacco road.
Track Name: Ashley's Song
in a dream there’s a boy twice my age or maybe more, & his hands are cut like stone & i don’t know what he’s doing but he’s inside of me. in a car on the lot after a movie with my mom are the words that won’t sting, they’ll just burn & keep burning he’s still inside of me. my knees are weak my anger’s thick my bones are brittle my body’s sick & all i’ve ever known is when i fuck i fuck to prove him wrong. i know, you know, i saw & you saw your hands in portland, oregon. baby in the car last night were you gonna pick a fight, lover i will count to three say a little prayer you’ll leave, by the time our friends arrive will the cuts have cauterized, maybe you can open them let it leak out a bit. when i was young there was a boy twice my age or maybe more, & his hands were cast like stone & he practiced what he’d learned inside of me.
Track Name: FTW Y'all!!!
ummer of 2001, june 10th, we parked the car & slept under a bridge. i’d had it bad for you for months to no effect & then you invited me on this trip. it was hot as shit in the car, who’d remembered the drive to new york was so far, oh i traced the tattoos on my wrists & then you pressed yr face against my face & we kissed. too much time spent in chapel hill those years, cuz when that town starts talking it’s a whisper but it’s all you hear she’s a queer & he’s a junkie with a thirst i can hear them betting horses on which one of us is gonna break first. we meant to prove them wrong, we did, but it’s hard to alter who you are, you were getting strung out every day & i was fucking every girl who looked my way. we had to give it a shot, i kept thinking hey, every love hits a rough spot... who was i kidding so we broke up & so far we show no signs of fucking that up. hey what you don’t understand is i got another ex-lover but i also got a new best friend. it hurts like hell to go to sleep at night, but i know that in the morning
Track Name: Howard's Hour Of Shower
well i think that you’ve got lovin all wrong, it ain’t some show you put on while you wait in the wings, & set your sweetheart wandering to figure out what a fraud you yr life’s really a mess, how you’re weird about sex, how every time you cry it’s because you wanna die. are you scared of what he’ll find out when yr drunk, but see love it’s a scavenger hunt & when yr ready for the truth you will be excited for all the things he will uncover inside you. & when you find a lover that you wanna keep, i think you’ll talk to her first before you tell her you don’t love her, decide things are fucked & then leave. i’ve got the same name as everybody else. call a cab, you can keep the change, just get out of my house. we both knew i was upfront at the start, i ain’t in love with you, i said i’d like to be, to ease the pain of you being in love with me. i can feel you working on me like a clutch, i pull away you pull in i pull away again...girl this has got to end, cuz see i found a lover that i wanna keep; his love is pure as light, it ain’t too hot it ain’t too bright, & wherever it is that we be going we’ll be getting there alright.
Track Name: It's Only A Bargain If You Want It
for travis) mr t you saved my life. indian summer, where the van was my home, it was my ride. oh my band was a joke, & my lover was a lie. you will always be my girl.
Track Name: Two Hearts Are Better Than One
hope you come & stay with me, or we could camp under the old fig tree. i’ll draw yr bath & i will fix yr tea, all for the girl who said that she would marry me. baby if we cut out what’s between us, all the miles & the mountaintops, i know that we could count on this. honey, we could live a life of cowardice, or we could build a little bower nest, something to believe in besides all this awful mess. i got this anchor on my finger now, i got yr blood pumping through my veins & still somehow... when i am with you dear i cannot breathe, i gave my heart & then you took my lungs from me. baby, get on an aeroplane to napoli, let’s buy some land & start a family--whatever you ain’t never had. honey, we could stay in bed for hours, talking shit & telling stupid jokes & working on our garden, where we will sow all of our restless hope.